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New Construction

Swimming Pool & Spa Construction

We build the highest quality gunite (concrete) swimming pools and spas available! From our use of higher grade steel (for reinforcement) to installing piers & waterproofing the gunite shell, we don’t cut corners. Our focus is building a concrete pool that will last for decades!

Fiberglass Pools & Spas

Are you wanting a new swimming pool or spa installed fast? If so, we have the perfect product category for you!

Matt’s Water Construction is a proud seller of Imagine Fiberglass Pools! These pools are built exceptionally well and they all come with a Lifetime Structural & Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty!

Outdoor Kitchens

Are you a proud chef who wants to take his culinary abilities to the great outdoors? We offer a premier line of natural gas and propane grills manufactured by Bull Outdoor Products!

We can install these grills and cabinet components in a custom designed outdoor kitchen built just for you!

LED Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your backyard with some stunning LED Landscape Lighting? Matt’s Water Construction has you covered!

Our team has the ability to create some stunning visuals displays with LED lighting options that you can control from your smartphone! Give us a call to find out more!

Outdoor Construction Services for All needs

Matt’s Water Contruction has the ability to dream, design & create any backyard living environment that you can dream of!

From outdoor kitchens, to beautiful patios, new swimming pools and LED lighting – we can create a custom outdoor living space for you and your family to cherish!

You’ll be amazed at the transformation your backyard takes from the start of day one to the finished product! We love what we do and the look on our clients faces when the project is complete is our favorite part of the processs!

Gunite (Concrete) Pools & Spas

We love building gunite (concrete) swimming pools for one simple reason – the entire structure is built by us, from the ground up.

When you are first dreaming of owning a swimming pool, it’s important to envision who you want to build it. Most home owners don’t know that what goes into the concrete structure (the stuff that you don’t see) is more important than the finishing materials (the stuff you do see).

At Matt’s Water Construction, we pride ourselves on educating our clients about the materials and procedures that we take to give you the strongest concrete shell available. Our measures include:

  • Using higher grade steel
  • Using additional cubic yards of gunite (concrete)
  • Waterproofing the concrete shell
  • Bonding the shell for electrical safety
  • Using plenty of plumbing for optimal water flow
  • Using low-voltage LED lighting for energy savings and safety

These are just the highlights but are list is extensive. Our mission behind going to such lengths is simple – the better pool the build you, the longer it will last. This in turn gives you many, many years of backyard enjoyment due to your excellently built swimming pool!

Outdoor Kitchens & Pergolas

Another beautiful aspect of creating your own backyard is designing an outdoor living space for your family to enjoy! Many home owners are selecting to build outdoor kitchens with the works:

  • Pergolas & Covered Patios
  • LED Lighting
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Outdoor TVs
  • Grills, Refrigerators, Kegerators, Wine Refrigerators, etc.

Matt’s Water Construction can help you design & build a beautiful outdoor living space for your new backyard! All of our outdoor pergolas and kitchens can be custom designed to suit your exact taste!

Design your outdoor kitchen large or small so you can entertain as many people as you like! The power is yours and so will the attention and wonder of your guests who get to enjoy your gorgeous outdoor living space!

Fire & Water Features

One amazing aspect of constructing your new outdoor living space is the ability to customize that space! You now have the option to create some stunning landscapes using the finest Fire & Water Features available.

Matt’s Water Construction is proud to be a seller of The Outdoor Plus fire & water feature systems! These unique systems are designed to integrate into our swimming pool automation – you can turn these systems on and off with just the touch of your smart phone!

This is some pretty powerful technology and one that we are proud to present our clients. Don’t you think it’s time to elevate your level of entertainment in your backyard!

Why not upgrade to some fantastic fire & water features by Top Fires? After all, you deserve to have the home of your dreams!

Fiberglass Pools & Spas

Fiberglass Shells are a fantastic alternative to your traditional gunite (concrete) swimming pools. They are faster to install and offer a Lifetime Structural & Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty!

We are proud sellers of Imagine Fiberglass Pools and have plenty of models to choose from and each model has several lengths and colors as well!

Fiberglass pools are easy to maintain and provide a smooth surface for your feet. Comprised of a gel coat (rather than a plaster finish – like gunite pools) fiberglass pools offer a smooth surface that is both comfortable and long lasting.

Our fiberglass pools are manufactured in the United States and give your home that amazing look and feel that you have always dreamed of!

LED Landscape Lighting

Now that we’re designing your dream backyard, why not spruce it up with some beautiful & efficient LED lighting?

Matt’s Water Construction has the capabilities of installing illuminicent outdoor lighting systems that you can control right from your smart phone. 

Turn your backyard, purple, blue, orange, red or any other color that you like. Your home is now your avenue for a soothing oasis with melodious tones or a amped up football party!

Whatever the mood, your backyard can now reflect the environment that you want to create for your family and guest!

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Matt’s Water Construction services offers the highest quality Above Ground Swimming Pools in North Central TX. 

Proudly selling Wilbar Above Ground Pools, our products are constructed out of durable resin which enhances the structure and increases the longevity of these swimming pools.

By constructing these swimming pools out of durable resin, these above ground pools are actually salt friendly! That means you can now have softer and healthier water by using salt to create chlorine!

Lastly, all of our Above Ground Swimming Pools offer a 5-year structural warranty.

If you have any interest in purchasing an Above Ground Swimming Pool for your home, just give us a call! We’d love to give you a free estimate on these amazing swimming pools and get you one step closer to creating your dream backyard environment!

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Ask Us anything

We understand that shopping for your next swimming pool or outdoor living space is a complex process. There are lots of companies to interview and you always feel stressed about making the right decision. Therefore, we want you to know that our phones are always here and ready to answer your call! Feel free to contact us anytime to ask us a question that you have on your mind!

Our quality promise

At Matt’s Water Construction, we don’t do anything half speed. When we make a promise, we hold ourselves to our word and the commitment that we made to our customers!

Our clients always are and will remain our top priority. Whether we are constructing an Above Ground Pool or a Gunite (Concrete) with a lavish backyard – our focus is on taking care of each and every client!

Therefore, we encourage you to give us a call and find out why so many people are trusting in Matt’s Water Constructing to make their dream backyards become a reality!

Quality Construction

We only use the highest quality materials and services to design & construct all of our swimming pools and outdoor landscapes.

Our goal is simple: design an outdoor living space that is created to last for years to come!

Therefore, to help us achieve this goal, we educate our clients on the importance of advanced construction techniques and products that we apply to our high end environments. It’s all part of our process to create a living space designed to create lasting memories for you and your family!

Our quality promise

Regardless of what type of swimming pool or backyard living space we build for you – one thing remains certain. We stand behind our product and keep our clients satisfied! Our teams work diligently to create the perfect backyard living space for all of our clients, regardless of their budget.

Therefore, if you’ve envisioned purchasing a basic pool for your home or want a lavish backyard escape – Matt’s Water Construction can bring your outdoor dreams to life!

 Customer SErvice

If you purchase your next gunite or fiberglass swimming pool from Matt’s Water Construction, you’re in for a real treat! We offer one year of free service pool service to all of our gunite (concrete) & fiberglass pool clients. 

It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting in us as your quality builder. We also ensure that you spend your first year relaxing and enjoying your outdoor space. Let us handle the maintance so you can just focus on making lasting memories with those that matter: your family and friends!

Just remember to put on your sunscreen and to pick your favorite tunes for your next home staycation!

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